our story

A fun and social dinner bazar

The cuisine of the Middle East is diverse and spanning parts of three continents while many foods are shared in the culinary traditions of their countries. Stepping into Balagan Ericeira will throw you immediately into that exciting world of oriental aromas, sensual textures and intense colors. An easy approach on food and locally sourced products inspired by the vibrant streets of Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and many more will make you feel “home away from home” to one of the healthiest, freshest and most ancient cuisines in the world. All of that without any labels on a loaded-down table with your friends and family. And the best part: it naturally caters to all different kind of dietary needs such as plant-based, gluten-free or lactose-free. This is Balagan Ericeira!

how to implement change

Small steps make big differences. 

Building an honest and conscious food business was a vision we had right from the beginning. Balagan started as a small “on demand” delivery service where we worked with an exclusive pre-order system as well as with a fairly small amount of daily orders. That allowed us to study our market, shorten our supply chain and experiment with different menu options without wasting any resources. And still we embrace the ephemerality of our menu since it reflects local seasonality. Most of our suppliers are on a 20km ratio, fresh vegetables and fruits are delivered daily and we know exactly where our meat comes from. And lucky us that we have the ocean just in front of our door so we simply walk down the road to pick up the fish from our trusted fisherwoman Dona Ombelina and our good friend Cabrela. To sum it up: best quality products all around us and at the same time we support small local businesses. How great is that?
Moreover, we are doing small but continuous steps to minimise our impact on the planet. All our packaging is recycled and we avoid single-use plastic. Cooking fresh allows us to reduce our food waste to the minimum. Certainly we recycle our trash. By doing so and continuously reevaluating our actions, we manage to stay true to our values while running a business. And by telling the story behind our choices we even have the chance to raise our guests awareness on such important topics. Therefore a big thank you to all of you for supporting us and helping us to make a change!